IT - CCNA Exploration program

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) program is an educational program that provides students with the knowledge andskills needed to design, build and maintain small and medium-sized computer networks. Besidestheoretical knowledge, special emphasis is on practical application of acquired knowledge.The program includes 280 school hours (classroom lectures, laboratory exercises, self-learning through onlinematerials, online exams, exercises on the simulator and access network equipment through NetLab),organized in 4 modules.

During each module students pass more exams to evaluate progress,and at the end of each module pass the final exam. Allexams are in English and shall be on Cisco'sweb site. After completion of the semester and after pass all four final exams,students can take the certification, CCNA exam.Students who have successfully passed CCNA exam receive internationally recognized certification- Cisco CertifiedNetwork Associate.


Modul 1 - Network fundamentals – 70 hours

  • Network communication, protocols, topologies, standards
  • OSI model and layers of the OSI model
  • Network addressing, subnets, VLSM
  • Ethernet, network infrastructuredevices
  • TCP / IP
  • Network Calibration
  • Introduction to Cisco IOS

Modul 2 - Routing Protocols and Concepts - 70 hours

  • Introduction to package routing
  • Static routing
  • Routing algorithms
  • Dynamic routing protocols
  • RIPv1 i RIPv2
  • Routing loop
  • OSPF

Modul 3 - LAN switching and wireless – 70 hours

  • Design of local networks
  • Switch configuration
  • Switch security settings
  • VLAN and VTP
  • STP and loops on the second layer of the OSI model
  • Routing between VLAN-s
  • WLAN topologies and security
  • Wireless switch configuration

Modul 4 - Accessing the WAN – 70 hours

  • Services in converged WAN network
  • PPP
  • Frame Relay
  • Network security on the organizational level
  • Access control using the ACL
  • Broadband services and VPN
  • PAT, NAT, DHCP and IPv6
  • Detection and problems removal in networks of organization
  • Monitoring and documenting of networks