CNC metal processing

CNC metal processing

CNC metals processing training program includes training for CNC turning and CNC milling. Participants will learn about the basics of CNC technique, basic of turning and milling machines, tools and calibration of the working piece. After that, follows practical examples and the basics work on machine. All training is conducted at SIEMENS 810D control unit with dialog programming, Shop Turn for turning and Shop Millom for milling.

Content - CNC turning:

1.Fundamentals of CNC technique

2.The advantages of working with dialogical programming using Shop Turn

3.Fundamentals of turning machines

4.Fundamentals for new users

5.Fundamentals of used tools and calibration of work piece

6.Example 1: Layered shaft

7.Example 2: Driving shaft

8.Example 3: Leading shaft

9.Fundamentals of working on the machine

Content - CNC milling:

1.Benefits of working with Shop Mill

2.Fundamentals of milling machines

3.Fundamentals for new users

4.Fundamentals of used tools and calibration of work piece

5.Example 1: Guideline

6.Example 2: The mold for injection molding

7.Example 3: Mold plate

8.Example 4: Lever

9.Example 5: Flange

10. Fundamentals of working on the machine